Monday, February 28, 2011

This just sounded like fun to me :)

Age: 23
Bed size: Currently sleeping on a full size bed (but my extra super comfy bed is a queen)

Chore you hate: Cleaning the toilet. Gross.
Dogs: I have always loved dogs, and never wanted one... although they are just so darn cute!
Essential start to your day: COFFEE!!!!!!  mmmmm....
Favorite Color: probably brown... maybe a dark shade of mossy green.  I like the natural colors.
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 5' 6 3/4"
Instruments you play: My roommate has a piano, so I get to play again!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can play the guitar, although not well.

Job title: Can I skip this one??

Kids:I love BABIES!  I can't wait to have them... ok, well I can wait.  And will wait.  Should probably find a job first...
Live: to the fullest??
mom's name: Judie
Nicknames: Kait, Kit kat... hey you...
overnight hospital stays: I don't think that I have had to stay overnight at the hospital... does it count if I spent the entire time waiting in the lobby in a wheelchair with a concussion?

quote from a movie:  Raisins are just humiliated grapes.

right-or left-handed: right!

Siblings: I have one older sister, but most of the time people think we are the same age, or that she is younger. She is pretty cool, and takes me out for lunch when I am broke :)

Time you Wake up: My schedule changes.  Sometimes I have to get up at four, and sometimes I don't go to bed til four.
Underwear: I love to buy cute underwear!  and, um, yes I wear underwear ?
Vegetables you dislike: The only two veggies that I dislike are asparagus and sweet potatoes.  But I have never tried brussel sprouts...
What makes you run late: forgetting things in the house and realizing it after I locked the door.

x-rays you've had: well... I had my wrist and shoulder x-rayed for getting hurt at work.  I think that is it though.
yummy food you make: scones.  Yup.  and sugar cookies :) those are probably the two best, but I make lots of really super yummy food!

Zoo favorite animal: penguins :)  and, as I recently discovered, geoffrey monkeys :)  they are really little and social

hmm... well that's me :)

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