Saturday, August 7, 2010


My cousin Britt over on Unexpected Surprises posted her opinion on gay marriage and her frustrations with the controversies and arguments against it. I agree with her whole heartedly, and love that she prefaced the blog with saying that this was simply her opinion and she knew that people would agree and disagree and that it was a heated topic.
Well, her post, along with many of the comments added to it, got me a bit revved up. I started complaining about some of the arguments that christians or any strongly monotheistic believers use against homosexuality.
The main one that bothers me is the argument that it is especially wrong, not just because homosexuality is a sin, but because gay people are openly living in sin.

I actually wrote on Britt's blog that an old boyfriend had said this to me before. Well, my current boyfriend used the same argument on me.

We just finished talking about it (at three am) and we started at about 11:30.

Ok. So here is my view on homosexuality.
I find it hard to believe, or it is difficult for me to accept, that God would consider it wrong for a person to love another person regardless of his or her sex.
I had to specify that I meant romantically in love.


I started this blog last night after Jonathan and I argued about this for hours. Of course afterward, as I was venting and rehashing the issue on my own, I didn't want it to get brought up with him again. So I tried to go to bed instead of writing.

I actually didn't get up til noon today. But that is still only five hours of sleep.

And this issue is still bothering me.

I guess I really don't know where I stand on it, or if I even have a right to "have a stand" on the issue.
A gay person is just a person. I hate that there is separation. I hate that there is judgment.

This blog is now a very inconclusive thought. My intention in writing it is not to spark comments, or make anyone else as frustrated as I have been over the last day, but rather a sort of catharsis after a frustrating argument where, for me anyway, there is no answer.
As I said on Brit's post, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But that opinion should never be used to hurt another person, or judge another person.


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog, and for bringing it up on your blog.

    You are right, this shouldn't even be an issue!

    Last night I watched the secret life of bees.. and I was also reading a John Grisham novel that also dealt with similar issue in regard to blacks and civil rights. My heart was breaking watching the movie, and thinking about what horrible things they went through.

    THen I realized that what they are going through is very similar to the pain that glt community is still going through! It BROKE my heart and made me sick to my stomach!

    I just couldn't imagine ever having so much hate in my heart. I think we need to pray for those people the most!


  2. Brit- you should read "a lesson before dieing" it is heartbreaking, but well worth it. It's about an uneducated black teenager living in the south who gets blamed for a murder he didn't commit. His brother or cousin? who is a teacher visits him in prison, and the story goes from there. It's hard to read, but like I said, it's a beautiful story in the end. But if you are interested in civil rights issues, past or present, you may like it.

  3. I left my comment about this on Brittany's post, I agree with you...who are we to judge another? There is so much hate about so many issues in this world, it really makes me sick when I start dwelling on's so sad, such a waste of energy.