Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I want to be a grant writer...

When I was volunteering at the MNIC high school I struggled to understand how these children, how any children could learn without text books. Sure, there are some subjects in which a book is not the best way to learn, but what about.. say History??
Three text books for a thirty person classroom. For a social studies class. Not okay.

Here is where I insert my extremely angry face, and opinion on the NCLB act. It is stupid. It is counterproductive. And if anyone would like to know why I feel this way... well that is for another post.

Being a grant writer would give me the opportunity to obtain funding for non profit schools. These grants that I would obtain would not solve all problems in education... in fact, they may not even help the textbook situation.

I know that a grant writer doesn't have the opportunity to change the way education is run in this country. But I feel like this could be my small way of helping balance the situation.

If the federal money is not coming in, well then it has to come from elsewhere. I would really like to be able to help with that.

Even more so, i think I would be good at it. My writing on here may be overly casual and disorganized... but it is my way of winding down. I can write professionally. In fact, I love to! I love writing research papers, and that is essentially what grant writing is. I would get to research and write and help teachers to have the necessary tools to educate their students.

That is why I want to be a grant writer.


  1. Oh Kaitlyn I love your passionate heart and combining it with something you do well is a wonderful idea. I hope this all works out for you! XX

  2. I think you'd be great at it! I agree with mom! I hope everything pans out perfectly for you! You deserve to be able to do something you love! :))