Monday, November 15, 2010

What to do, what to do...

So here is the deal: I want out of my lease. Now.
The new neighbors, the ones who live in the studio right behind us, well, I'm pretty sure they are smoking crack every morning. 
I don't need to deal with this.
If I have one more crackhead show up in my yard and threaten me, I will go ballistic!!!!   I just can't handle it anymore.
And then, oh yes, there is more!  There are rats.  RATS!
Not in our unit, thank God!  But in the one upstairs.  Our upstairs neighbor (not the crackhead) said that he has already caught 5. FIVE!  And he let the landlord know about it a few months ago.  Nothing was done, so they can legally break their lease with no penalty.  Since the rats are not actually in our part of the house, I don't know that we can.
Oh and get this, this same guy that lives upstairs.  Yeah, he just told me that he spent a year and a half in jail.  He was a felon.  Yup.  I'm pretty sure he is still a decent guy, and he just did some stupid shit when he was younger... but shouldn't that have been mentioned to, umm I don't know, US, by our landlord when he moved in???
I live with a fucking felon and a crackhead.  These are the people in my house.  I want out!

You know, the funny thing is, is that I think it's the rats that pushed me over the edge on this one.  I could deal with crackheads... at least ones that were supposedly talked to about their behavior and threatened with eviction.. or so I was told.  And the upstairs neighbor, well he really is a nice guy.  But rats?  Rats, on top of everything else I have to worry about rats.
I don't even particularly mind rodents in general, but it's just the fact that this is where I live.  It's pretty damn low.  I can afford better.  I deserve better.
I work my ass off at two jobs, and I'm constantly searching for that other one... I have a drive in life.  I don't need to surround myself with people who so obviously don't.


  1. Oh goodness...rats!? Oh Kaitlyn I don't blame you for wanting out of there right now. Add in all the other stuff and no wonder you are down. I wish I could say or do something magical that would help you in the here and now but I know there is nothing I can say. I am sending you love, hugs and positive thought right now. I am praying as I write that you would feel arms of love wrapped around you right now. Wish I lived closer to you right now.

    Please know I am here to listen any time you need or want to talk. I know it's hard right now but I also know you are a fighter and smart and very resourceful and things will work out for you. (((((Kaitlyn))))) I love you sweet girl. XX Lori

  2. Yikes :/ Rats? That's horrid. Sounds like it's a sign to get out of that place!
    Sorry to hear about all of these mishaps that you're going through. Bad luck seems to be somewhat contagious this year. Not matter, hope everything turns out alright. Keep us updated!

  3. :( When is your lease up?

    I'd talk to someone there has to be away to get out of your lease!!!