Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't sleep

Work was utterly exhausting today, but I still can't seem to calm my mind or relax enough to get some sleep. I have been reading that Kosinsky novel. It is so disturbing. It is horrifying, really. There are parts in it that are so terrible and disgusting that I can't get them out of my head.
There are just so many things wrong with what is happening in that book.
But I might still think it is a good book.
I think Kosinsky is trying to convey the horror that a child roaming around Eastern Europe during the second world war would have felt, seen, experienced.
Some of it really makes me want to puke, or throw the book across the room.
It is an emotionally wrenching novel.
Parts of it have made me cry.
That may be part of why I can't sleep.

I wouldn't recommend this one for anyone with a week stomach or to anyone that has a hard time erasing terrible images from their mind.
I'm determined to finish it. I'm actually almost done if I can convince myself to pick it up again.
I was going to read Kafka next... but I don't know if a dystopian novel would be the best followup to this. Maybe I need a nice relaxing, fun one in between...

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