Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hanging out with my best friend is going to make me fat

I have had a wonderful week.
A surprisingly wonderful week!
I had been feeling a bit down again lately. My back is fucked. Excuse the language. But it is. My SI joints are all flared up again, and it makes it hard to walk, stand, sit, basically-live. And I started feeling dizzy again... like I had been feeling for months. I got freaked out that it was going to last forever again.
Luckily, it hasn't. And although my back is sore and I am in constant pain, I have had some fun this week. And it's only Tuesday!!!
Yesterday, my good friend and I went out. It was her birthday a week or so ago, and I had to buy her b-day present... so we went to Half priced books.
A dangerous place for her and me!
We even found a Pink Floyd album (which I let the birthday girl have). I bought a few books for myself too!
Then we went to our favorite place for dinner- Good Earth. All natural delicious food! And every time we go there we end up eating WAY TOO MUCH! And of course have a bottle of wine :)
Well, I had a delicious pasta dish with artichokes, roasted tomatoes, and a white wine sauce, and I think she had pasta with shrimp. We skipped dessert for another glass of wine at a different bar before we went to Sex and the City.
Ok ok. It wasn't very good. But it was a fun night out with my best girl friend!!!
So, her and I had similar work schedules this week, which never happens, so we got together today too!
We ran some fun errands, like buying ballet shoes for her because she is taking an adult ballet class this summer. She danced from the time she could walk until she went to college. Her mom owns a dance studio. I'm so excited that she is doing what she loves again!!!
Then we decided to make dinner.
oh man. It was delicious!! Flatbread turned pizza with tomatoes, basil from the garden, and marinated mozzarella balls :) And of course we couldn't skip out on dessert two nights in a row.
Fudge brownie cheesecake.
I'm seriously going to gain twenty pounds if we keep hanging out like this!
But it was delicious. And a nice bottle of Canard Zin to go with it!
It was lighter than I had expected, or it started out that way. But then you get a nice vanilla-cherry flavor, with a zing of spice at the end. So delicious!

Also, I am going to start writing an order at work, which means a bit more responsibility and something a little different than what i am used to . It should be a nice change. And I am also getting to do the wine tastings again!! (in case you couldn't tell!) I am trying some new ones... but I still have to come up with three whites for tomorrow... and I'm not a big white wine drinker. In fact, I am just starting to enjoy whites. Yesterday, I had a nice Chenin Blanc from South Africa. It was from a coop. Hand picked. And I have been enjoying Sauv blancs from New Zealand's Marlborough county. Nice grapefruity crisp wines for the summer. :)
Ok, so pretty much I have been eating and drinking all week, and enjoying it SO much!
And I don't mind the rain because my garden is loving it!

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  1. Good wine nights sound spectacular! :) Especially with a best friend. Amazing!!