Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finished Heart of Darkness today..

Not gonna lie, this story confused me!
I may have been too distracted by the absolute savagery depicted of Mr. Kurtz.. but What?!!
OK. So first thing I found interesting was that it is written to sound unreliable. The narrator is not the one telling the story. He is hearing it from a person who seems to tell some tall tales.
Another thing that I found interesting was the complete lack of some information. It's true, there is a reason for it according to the story teller: he doesn't want to tell information about the trading company that he is not supposed to tell.
And (warning this is a bit of a spoiler.. even though you still won't know what is going on at this point in the story) I still don't understand why the storyteller wasn't killed by his crew. Or really why they wanted to kill him in the first place.
It was a disturbing tale, I'll give it that. It's basically about the grotesque savagery that can take place without civilization mixed with (I think) a bit of criticism about European imperialism...
And that is really all I have to say about that one.

Next on the list, Jerzy Kosinski's The Painted Bird. I've read Being There by him, and it was a hilarious political satire. It's really short, entertaining, and easy to read, so I would recommend that one to anybody!
This one sounds really interesting though. He wrote it in 1965, and it takes place during WWII.
One thing to point out about Kosinski is that his "Being There" was quite possibly some one else's story completely. I don't know if it was ever determined for certain, but most likely he ripped of the story. He is still a great writer though. And I am excited to read something a bit more contemporary from an author that I know is decent.

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