Monday, June 14, 2010


It's no secret that I have gained nearly thirty pounds in the last two years... pretty much since getting my job at a grocery store. To be honest, I NEEDED to gain some weight. ( I know I know, weird for a woman to say that!) But I was too thin. Lack of sleep, working fifty hours a week, and going to school full time will do that to you I guess.
Anyway. A woman that I work with just did this detox diet thing. It's one designed by Natalia Rose called Detox 4 Women. It is, I guess, gentler and healthier than most detox diet things... eating real food and no extra time on the toilet!
But more to the point. My friend says (and looks) that she feels so much better! She has more color to her face, more energy, and just all around feels great.
Lately I have been struggling with finding enough energy to do just simple things. Since I was sick for a few months and never found out what was wrong I have been taking my vitamin B12 and D, which is supposed to help... but it's not a cure all.
I'm thinking what could be the harm in ridding my body of excess toxins?
But what I get hung up on is the "diet" aspect of it. I have never gone on a diet in my life. I'm just one of those lucky girls that has a high metabolism, and eats relatively healthy (most of the time) and since I have always been active, I have never even really tried specifically to lose weight.
I don't think that is the main point of this idea either. It would be nice to turn some fat into muscle, or maybe drop a few pounds... nothing major though. This is more about feeling better. Having energy. Feeling healthy. Actually being healthy.
The detox diet thing is for 28 days. After that, you just have some new healthy recipes and a better idea of what you should be putting in your body. Eating more raw foods, but not having to ONLY eat raw foods.
Another thing that I worry about is that I don't know if this could potentially make my weight fluctuate more... not the actual diet. Let me explain-
so most people who go on a generic diet gain the weight back after they are done. Would that happen to me? and if so, could that potentially spark a constant problem with fluctuating weight, which is something that I know many women in my family deal with. My current weight fluctuates within ten pounds every week. Could that get more severe if I start messing with my diet??
I just really don't know. I don't thing so. But I am hesitant to commit myself to 28 days.
I think I may buy the book, and then decide.


  1. You will have to share with me what the book says. Very interesting. I do believe it's good to detox and I do think eating raw foods is good for us. I know some people that only eat raw food and I just don't think that is for me. I don't think you need to worry about the weight fluctuation thing happening as long as you are taking in enough calories to keep up your metabolism while doing this detox. Do you have to buy something special to do this detox? I have done short detox's before but nothing serious and I question whether I was doing it right or not. :) I do know that as I get feeling better I will be getting more serious about what I am putting into my body even though I am pretty careful already. I think you are wise to read the book first and see what it says....and make sure you tell me about it! :)

  2. It sounds like it is mostly drinking raw fruit and veggie smoothies. My friend bought a juicer, and always has these crazy drinks with her.. really yummy ones too! But I think she really focuses on easing your body into detox so that it's easier and better for you. I'll let you know more about it!

  3. 28 day detox! That sounds super intense!! I have heard of a lot smaller day detox programs that have seemed hard. What do you normally eat? Hopefully it won't be too much of a shock! If you decide to do it, you should post some of the things you are consuming. It's always nice to learn different ways to be healthier!! I'm sorry to hear about your book, that sounds awful!