Sunday, September 5, 2010

Food time!!!

Don't you just LOVE the end of summer/beginning of fall?!

I love the food, the cool weather.... everything!!

I've come to realize this fall that I really enjoy eggplant. The other day, Jonathan and I had barely anything in our fridge and cupboard... so I made dinner with everything we had left. It turned out absolutely delicious!! Eggplant "cutlets" with fried zucchini, in a tomato basil sauce... which was only a little bit tomato basil, and then LOTS of goat cheese, on top of quinoa.
Another thing that is great about fall is soup :) A friend of mine at work made a delicious soup today... all TJ's products: latin style bean soup, with a can of cuban beans, and chimichuri rice. SO tasty!


  1. That is so great and I too appreciate the food that we grew and the cooler weather. This recipe with the eggplant sounds so delicious. Can you send it to me? I am really thankful that you and Jonathon are so creative in using what you have to make good things to eat. You really inspire me Kaitlyn! XX

    PS You and Jonathon feeling better?

  2. You are so talented at so many things.. Now add making a fabulous dinner out of nothing! You rock!!!!!

  3. I've been meaning to try eggplant but I keep forgetting to get it!! I've also been dying to make my white turkey chili!! Soo good, but def. only a fall or winter meal! cute blog!