Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All grown up...

It's tax season... and I get a decent amount back since I was still in school last year.
My intentions were to be completely irresponsible with that money... to go out and have fun... take a trip... you know?
But then I remembered I'm an 'adult' now :(
I have those lame things called responsibilities.

I have to move.  I'm actually going to get a place all on my own!  Scary!!!!!  I'm actually pretty excited about it.  I'm going to look at studio apartments tomorrow.  They are going to be tiny, and cramped, and have no kitchen space.  I'm likely to absolutely hate it. But it will still be good.  It will be a step in the right direction.  I am trying to be more self sufficient, and finding it hard in this economy... and really I couldn't find a roommate.  So, my only qualifications for this apartment are that it is not a shitty part of town, and that it is on the second floor or above.  Other than that, I'm taking the cheapest one I can find... which is surprisingly expensive!
My next responsible decision will be to buy a new computer.  My reasoning for this little treat is that I do a lot of work on my laptop.  Also, I don't have a tv or dvd player or anything, and won't have room for one in my new apartment, so this is also my entertainment system.  Well, this little guy is just about dead.  It went from working most of the time, to working about half of the time.  This is incredibly frustrating while trying to apply to jobs.  Also, I don't know if I am going to have internet at my apartment.  I will probably just go to a coffee shop to do applications and such.  On that note, though, the computer I buy will be relatively inexpensive because I really only need it for word documents.
And the next grown up decision??  Well, I am going to save some money.  I'm sick of having next to nothing in my savings account.  The car that I am driving now, lovingly called the beast, is not entirely reliable.  It mostly is, but sometimes things decide not to work just because they don't want to.  Well, it has all been minor things like the gas gauge, but someday it may be something larger and more expensive... and I would like to be prepared for that.
So there.  Those are my grown up decisions of the day.  No fun trip.  No shopping spree.  Just good old boring responsibility.

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