Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dog shit in the yard.

Anyone who has seen my apartment, or ever heard me complain about it, knows that it is tiny. And I mean TINY! It's a one bedroom that I share with my boyfriend, and all our stuff... which really seems to take precedence. My point it, it is hard enough to live in this tiny space with two people if you have any belongings at all.
Our upstairs neighbors, another couple whose apartment is the same size, have three dogs. This would seem hard enough, and annoying enough for all of us who have to listen to them running around in circles and barking because they only get to go outside once or twice a day for five minutes at a time. But then they had a baby.
Before I go on, I should mention that they argue ALL the time. They are two very unhappy people who occasionally scream FUCK at the top of their lungs at nine AM. Being below them, we can hear all these shout matches that occur almost daily. As I said, they are very unhappy people.
Well, now that they have a baby, I was hoping that they would quiet down a bit. They didn't. The poor baby is crying constantly (luckily we can usually only hear that from the hallway) and they are still shouting. They are loud, obnoxious, they don't clean up their dog poo in the yard, and they like to yell at us for being loud.

I have very mixed emotions about this family. On one hand, I can't stand them. They wake me up on my weekends, I have to listen to angry words and stomping, their dogs constantly yip, and they just all around piss me off. However, I can't help but pity them. They are so unhappy, and I know that when they yell at us, they are just misdirecting their bad emotions. But most of all, I feel bad for the baby. I don't think that they should have him or her. As I write this, the baby is crying.. right now. It never stops. I feel like something is horribly wrong, and really want a reason to call child services, but I have no proof other than my knowing these to be very mean people and a colicky baby. Maybe that is all that it is. But it breaks my heart to think of the life that this child is going to grow up in. And I don't know if there is anything that I can do but listen to him cry, and pray.


  1. There is nothing you can realy do about other people's lives. You could pray for them but that's about it. Better yet, you could learn. Never to end up in such an unhappy place yourself. Keep your eyes open.

  2. Oh this is really sad. This brings me to tears for this baby. I would pray and just pray that if something is happening that you will see something that will give you a good enough reason to call in. It really is sad that people that have no business having children have children. Our world is full of these people and it breaks my fricken heart. How hard it must be to not scream "shut the fuck up" to them...the dogs, them screaming and now a baby...ugh...they are lucky it's you and not someone else living under them. I hope things get worked out soon!!!