Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Importance of Being Earnest

I just wanted to post a short little blurb on how great I think it is when new movies are made of Victorian era comedies or novels. I just watched the 2002 The Importance of being Earnest (I'm a little behind, I know!) instead of starting my paper on Sense and Sensibility. Now, I definitely think that these modern renditions don't stand a chance when put up against the actual text... but I'm a little biased. The reason that I watched it tonight was because I just reread the play, written by Oscar Wilde for anyone who is unaware, and was re-enlightened on the hilarity of it. Wilde may become one of my favorite authors, for many reasons, but my favorite thing about him is that he takes so much from past literature. My favorite period of literature is the restoration (17th century England) and a little into the 18th century with the beginning of the novel. Well, part of my favorite aspect of that period of literature and culture is the idea of Libertinism. Not that I would by any means call myself a Libertine... (the American idea is skewed due to the hippie love movement...) but it is a fascinating system of beliefs and added so much to literature. So, back to Wilde, he likes to bring in some of these Libertine ideals through some of his characters, generally to make fun of them or just to have the misogynistic pig that everyone wants to hate, but is just so charming and funny that you can't really hate him. Wilde does this more in his book The Picture of Dorian Gray, but elements of it are found in the plays as well. The thing with The Importance of Being Earnest is that he used the comedy form from the restoration period. This play could actually be very easily compared with one of Wycherley's or Etheridge's. The only difference is that Wilde's play, to use a technical term, really cheeses it up. So, this is my random, overly excited post that can hopefully be understood by at least one other person. (This is why I have a hard time writing papers on Victorian and Restoration literature--I get WAY to excited about it, and my brain just craps out a bunch of useless information that I find fascinating... ) Love it! You all should watch the movie for a good, nerdy laugh... also, for other Victorianish era movies, I love the new Pride and Prejudice--it is so pretty. Now I just need to rent Dorian Gray... :)

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  1. I have never watched this but now I must. It is so cool that you get excited about this stuff!