Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You can't force religion

Attending a large university is just asking to meet all kinds of extravagant people. Everyday I meet someone who is trying to change my view. One minute someone is trying their damnedest to turn me into a Republican, and the next I am having a conversation with a Socialist who wants me to attend their meetings. It is the same with religion. I couldn't tell you how often I have been told that I am going to hell for not accepting the Word of God. The thing is, I AM a Christian. But these people assume that everyone here is a heathen.
There actually was a guy who called about twenty people a heathen, and told them that they would burn in hell, in the five minutes I took to observe him.

There was also a man who was wearing a sign, a quite large one, that had a list of the types of people who were going to hell. The few that I remember off that list are feminists, homosexuals, and potheads.

Then there are the pamphlet people. They FORCE pamphlets on you.

This morning I was walking to class with my hands in my jacket pockets when a guy tried to hand me a pamphlet. I didn't see what was on it, just kept walking. He walked right along side me with the pamphlet in my face until I took it.

I can understand being passionate about what you believe. In fact, I think it is necessary. But what I don't understand is the tactics that people use to convert the world to think exactly like them.

A I already said, I am a Christian. But most of the time, I don't feel like I believe in the same God as these people do.

There is only one extreme bible nut on this campus that I actually like. And he is completely, legitimately, insane. I call him crazy preacher guy. I know it sounds mean, but it is an endearment.
He stands outside for hours everyday, most of the time on a ladder (where does he get that ladder anyway?) reading the Bible along with his own writings. Most of it makes no sense.
For example, one day when I walked by, he was talking about shaving your head in the name of Christ, and then about Curt Cobain's corpse. I think he only does this to get attention.
But what I like about his is he is nice. He has never told anyone that they are going to hell, and he even openly accepts criticisms and arguments.
He also plays the guitar and sings.

I just don't get the hellfire and brimstone preachers. Every time I encounter one, I just want to say to them, "Do you REALLY think that threatening a twenty year old college student is going to make them believe in God?! It wouldn't make ANYONE believe in God, especially not a student at a politically and scientifically charged university where we don't even have time to think about our souls!" Threats don't work. I don't think that they ever will. They completely miss the point of believing in something. These people are missing the true meaning of Christianity.

I sound like I am ragging on Christians... there are many other groups of people that 'solicit' their beliefs on campus that are just as annoying. But this is very personal to me. These people are the reason that I get funny looks from my colleagues when I tell them that I am a Christian. And the reason that I am writing this now is because something very recently has happened that has made me very, very angry.

A group of Christians doctored Darwin's 'Origin of the Species,' (ie his book on evolution). They added their own introduction, and cut out much of the original text, messed with it to warp the meaning. For anyone else who is concerned, the reason that they were allowed to do this is because the book is public domain, no one owns Darwin's estate. They can legally mess with something that was published a hundred years ago to make people who are ignorant of the actual text believe that this is a legitimate copy of it. Now, I have read parts of Darwin's book, and he does not threaten Christianity. I get that the claim that the earth came about by evolution, and not God, can be used against Christianity, but it is not a direct threat. And there is no way that a group of people can convince anyone otherwise by changing their opponents statement.

While I do not have all the facts worked out, I don't think that evolution in itself is sufficient reason to not believe in God. Maybe we did evolve, but what did we evolve from, originally? Also, I just don't buy the big bang theory. Well, I am not going to get into an argument that can not be solved in this life, but just state that I am offended when people try to cheat their way into explaining something that can not be explained.

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  1. Great thoughts Kaitlyn! I'm not sure if you read my post from the other day or not but I wrote about how I don't think God fits inside a box. I think a lot of christians are conditioned to believe a certain way and to react a certain way. While I respect how they believe I do not agree with how many of them choose to shove what they belive down other people's throats. I don't like the arrogance that it presents nor do I like the way they act as if they are better then other's that don't believe like them.

    I love that you know that you are a christian and know what you believe yet you think for yourself. You really are amazing and I am so glad to read your thoughts on this tonight!

    I am sure looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! Love and hugs, Lori