Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am so thankful for my wonderful family. I don't get to spend enough time with them. My parents moved up north (i know... a minnesotaism..) a few years ago to their dream home. They have forty acres of land that consists mostly of woods, a cut little house--the perfect size for the two of them--and a little pond. They also have AMAZING gardens. Visiting them is like going to the farmers market. During the season they give us bags of fresh organic produce to bring home. This weekend, I get sauces!! They can a lot of their food as well. They also have a hot tub. Basically, they have everything that they want, and they are so incredibly thankful for it. My parent are these two, amazing, giving, and loving people! I have so much fun every time i visit. To explain how life is up here, I will just say what we did today. It is somewhat representative of what all holidays are like...
My sister and I drove up here after work yesterday afternoon. We got up here around four, and just had a relaxing evening. We had bloody marys, beer, and I even had some cider. We made dinner, I made a pie for tonight, and then we went in the hot tub. Very relaxing, and an early night.
This morning we got up around nine, and started preparing for the big meal. My parents are both awesome cooks, and all their food is so delicious! Then, we shot the guns. It's really not a Birk holiday without blowing up some rotten gourds or produce. Today was extra fun because we shot some pumpkins and gourds with the 243 riffle, which basically blows the shit out of them. :) We also got to shoot the 357 pistol, which is always fun. I finally told my mom the story that I often tell people to explain how she is...
Jonathan and I had been shooting the 357 and she came up wanting to shoot a couple. Well, she only needed one shot to hit the target... gansta style... Then she went back to doing her crafts. After showing up Jonathan and I. It was very funny, she is like an Annie Oakly who can do everything else too.
So, we shot. Then my aunt Lori and her husband and the two little ones came up. I love seeing them, ALL of them! I love my aunt, she is such an amazing and inspiring woman! Jerry is absolutely great for her, and the kids crack me up. I wish that I could help out more with them to give Lori and Jerry a break! They are just "too cute," to put it in Jordan's words :) Well, we had a great dinner, we all ate too much. Went for a walk, drank some wine, had a bonfire, watched a movie, and somehow we managed to eat more!!!
I just can't even express how amazing my family is to me! They are sooo awesome! Just wish that my boyfriend was here to enjoy as well (but I saved him a piece of pie!)

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  1. Yes, your parents are amazing people and so are you and your sister. I too, wish Jonathon and Brian could have joined us. We had a blast and so did the kids. Jordan told us last night that he was staying at your mom and dads for eleven more Both of them were so mad at us for leaving but soon fell asleep. I think they wore out your parents pretty good!