Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy dreams..

I have always had somewhat off the wall dreams. I dream about everything. Like most people, sure. But I remember ALL of them. It feels like that anyway.
But really, I dream about everything. Everyday activities, conversations with people that I actually had or just thought I had, death, monsters, and then there are the really fun cracked out flippin nutz dreams!
I've dreamt about so many people that I work with. Like one about a good friend Alison, possibly the sweetest person I know, beating up a couple of hockey players.... she really took them out! Or another coworker coming to my thanksgiving dinner at my parents and eating all the turkey (well, Trevor probably would do that!)
But the absolute worst, I mean toss and turn, wake up in cold sweats type dreams, are the ones about homework.
And that was all of last night.
I had a whole-night long dream that I was writing my thesis, and it wasn't going so well... and then I had people edit it...
the really weird thing is, I actually dreamt about some legitimate things... and now have some ideas on how to make my paper even better.
But I gotta admit, it would be much nicer to think of these things during normal awake hours and not remember them from breaks of short sleep intervals in my night...

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