Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vino time.

After a bit of a break from drinking (Haven't been feeling well for a few weeks), I was due for a delicious bottle of wine.
Who better to share it with than a girlfriend of mine?
Well, we made a delicious dinner... pasta, garlic bread, cranberry salad, and of course-cheesecake! for ourselves and my boyfriend.
And we opened one of the expensive bottles!

Of course, for me, expensive means anything over ten dollars. This particular one cost me $20.99. Which is I think the most that I have spent on a single bottle of wine...
anyway, it was Wild Horse pinot nior. And it had been recommended to me by a customer. I was a bit unsure about it, mostly because I already have a favorite pinot nior under ten dollars.
But this was DELICIOUS. So tasty. I think that I still like the Echelon better, it is more unique, and quite different for a pn, but this Wild Horse was exactly what a *good* domestic pinot should be. It was black cherry aroma, surprisingly floral, and silky smooth tanins. mmmmm....

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  1. I gave up drinking for a month.. on Sunday... but I'm going to fail this weekend. I'm planning on a good glass of wine tomorrow! mmmM! :)