Thursday, April 22, 2010

Starting to get sick of writing... kinda

So I have reached the half way mark on my senior thesis.
I could be done for this week, if I really wanted. I only need ten pages to turn in for my first draft, which is due on Tuesday... only ten :) Ha.

This morning I was super extremely tired... I think I am sick with a cold and fever. (actually, my boyfriend pointed this out to me... it's sad when you have been feeling like crap for so long that you don't even notice when you get sick)
But anyway. I needed to get out of the house so that I could get some work done instead of sleeping or watching too many Bones episodes...
and Now I am at DunnBros on Grand.
I had too much coffee.
I'm thinking I need to go run around the block or something because I am too jittery to concentrate!

One cup of coffee=better concentration
more than one cup=CRAZY kit kat!
So much for giving up caffeine...
but anyway, I am just really excited that I am so close to being done with my first draft of my thesis. I don't really know if I have proved any point whatsoever, 'cause I am too scared to go back and proof it.
But the major part is done. The gritty part where I had to organize a million different articles of feminist views of Milton, and then ones on the other extreme... oh man. It was rough. Hope it went together okay.
But now, all I have left is showing the submission of Maggie in Mill on the Floss to the patriarchal society, and describe how it relates to Middlemarch. And then the exact same thing for Gwendolyn in Daniel Deronda. Also something about how this reflects George Eliot's own struggle with relying on benevolent patriarchs for her education.
Because, even if Eliot was unconscious of the effect of including Miltonic ideals in her stories, is speaks volumes to the type of life she lived. It adds to the internal struggle of her female characters in a way that allows the reader to see the reality of Eliot's life situation. She Was a soman in the time of a patriarchal society. She Did struggle with it. It is evident in the perfect understanding she has of the confusion displayed in Gwendolyn, the unsatisfied passion for knowledge in Maggie, and Dorthea's struggle to submit to her patriarch.
I like that.
Maybe it will go in my conclusion :)
Back to work...
but no more coffee.

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