Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There was an old man on the bus today.
I don't know if he was just deaf, or if he also had some mental disabilities.
He looked homeless.

He had a pizza.
One of the $5 ones from Little Ceasars.
He was eating it like he hadn't eaten for days.

He couldn't speak.
He could simply point.
And grunt.

But he shared his pizza.
He gave the first pieces to two others who sat near him.
They looked poor and hungry too.

He would point at them
and then point at himself
and then at the pizza.

He would hold out a slice.
They took it and said thanks.
He nodded.

This man made me sad. I initially felt pity for him. He can't communicate as thoroughly as most. He looked like he had some serious issues.
But the thing is,
he knew he wasn't alone in his suffering. He knew that others were just as hungry as him. He shared what little bit of food he had with others who needed it just as much.
And they were grateful!!
It was a very interesting exchange.
I'm glad I got to experience that today.


  1. This made me cry :( It's not until hearing or seeing things like that do i truly feel greatful to have a roof over my head. Thanks for sharing, Kat. :)

  2. :) I agree. As sad as this is... its beautiful. I think it is those that are the least fortunate who are the quickest to give. In a world full of material and people who are so wealthy, we don't do enough for those who go with out. With how much food we throw out, there should NEVER be a hungry person in our country!