Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I got an A on my senior thesis.
I'm pretty happy about that, especially since I think I may be one of the few to receive that grade. ( not that I want other people to get a bad grade... it just shows how hard I worked on it)
I know it doesn't really matter... grades don't really matter, but it helps me to feel like I have accomplished something.
I don't expect that many people have read it; it is very long and boring to most, but I am very proud of it :) I worked hard on it, and it is one of the few essays that I have written and actually liked.
I kinda want to publish it. I don't even know if that is possible... but it would be pretty awesome to have it in some literary journal.
It's a pretty original thesis. Most people don't thing of John Milton and George Eliot together...
I dunno.
Any feedback?
Anyone even know how to go about publishing an essay in a journal?

I think I will have to talk to one of my old professors that I liked... or maybe suck it up and talk to the one who actually gave me the grade on it.

So, I realized that having a teacher who I don't get along with was actually very helpful in my writing. I knew he was going to refute everything that I said, and I had to be able to back up my conclusions with convincing evidence. Having someone who disagreed with me about nearly everything really challenged me to thing of things from another perspective.
He pissed me off.
I felt like he didn't even give a shit about my work or my opinions because he always negated them...
but then again, one of my favorite all time profs was one who made me cry during class for ripping apart a paper of mine, who wouldn't let me talk in class without using complete thoughts, sentences, not using the words "like" or "umm," and who was a complete portentous ass. But I learned so much from him.
Although I wouldn't put this particular teacher on the scale of porentousness or intelligence of him, I still learned a lot from him.
I don't know if it was really him I learned from, or just the situation. Either way, I'm glad for the experience.


  1. WAY TO GO!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! :))) Way to go smartie pants! I'm glad your professor challanged you, it'll make you a better writer. BUT don't go getting too smart for me, ya hear?

    Miss you! Can't wait to see you at the pub crawl! (or before?)

  2. Hi! I'm here by way of Brittany! I just wanted to stop by and say hello! Congrats on your graduation!