Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is it bad that part of me actually hopes that I do have mono?

I mean, I don't really want mono... but at least I would know what is wrong with me!
I'm going in tomorrow to get checked, and probably do more blood work because I am a human pin cushion these days.
People keep telling me it's stress.
It very well may be.
I'm graduating in less than a week. I don't have a "real" job lined up.
I don't know though...
I don't feel very stressed out. Just tired.

I know that I am a bit burnt out from the last few years... that's what college does to you. But it was so much fun! And I'm gonna miss it!

The thing about English majors is, well, we are a bit nerdy :) I'm excited to graduate so I can read more.
By the way, I only read six novels (three of them were by George Elliot too) this semester. I mean, really? Only six? That's a record low...

And once I'm gone, who am I going to talk to about Milton? Or about how angry I am that the Guthrie canceled "She Stoops To Conquer" by Oliver Goldsmith (written a few hundred years ago)? They haven't done that show for ten years!!!
And outside of the university, who likes Dryden? I mean really, there's not that many people out there who I can start up a conversation with about half of my interests...
And I have learned NOT to talk about things like this at work... then I just end up talking to myself... :)

I realized another thing about English majors this week; we all have a little perfectionist side to us. I got angry with my professor for not marking up my paper and correcting a bunch of mistakes... before I realized that there might just not be any mistakes because I edited it three times. Another girl in my class did the same thing.
Well, I guess I should go dream about patriarchal norms of the Victorian era so I can get up and go to the doctor, and then finish my thesis on Eliot and Milton, and study study study for the next few days...

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  1. I hope you figure out whats wrong! You poor honey!

    When are you done with school? Call me we have to plan some relaxation!