Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Really Done!

OK, don't worry. This one isn't an entire essay!
I just finished up my last finals... well by just, I mean right before I went and shot some pool and drank some beers with my friend :) But I am all done! No more undergraduate courses... ever!
I'm pretty excited, and pretty much not believing that I am actually done.
I've been going to school for what seems like forever. And it will be weird to not get up early and go sit in a lecture.
Now, I think I want to learn German.

Jonathan bought me a gift card to half price books.... I can't wait to buy books!!
Is that sad?? I just graduated and I can't wait to do more academic work??
Well, doesn't matter. I think I am going to mix it up a bit though. No more Victorian... although that is soo great! Once I finish Nana, I might try some more contemporary books... maybe some dystopian novels, my boyfriend really likes those, and I liked 1984 when I read it like ten years ago. Maybe I will even buy something off the best sellers list! That would just be CRAZY!
Yep, I had some beers.
But anyway, this novel that I am reading right now, it is really entertaining! I'm not too far into it because I had to study for finals and such, but I really wanted to read it because the translator and editor of it says some really great things about it...
like, "In any appreciation of Emile Zola it is well to admit first of all that he was lacking in taste, discrimination, selection, vision, a sense of form, indeed, in almost everything we have come to deem requisite in an artist."
What a way to open a book!!!
But, Zola was amazing because of his realism. It was he who changed literature into the shocking, disgusting realistic imitation of life. I mean... that's pretty good. Anyone who likes Fight Club can admit to that :)
"Art is nature seem through temperament." Zola

The story Nana, as I gather so far, is about an actress prostitute who cannot act or sing worth a dime. But since she is so "plump" and agreeable (she can laugh at herself) she is an instant hit in the Theatre whose owner likes to call a brothel.
I can't imagine what kinds of shenanigans this little femme fatale is going to get herself into, or what the decadence that she represents will cause society...
So far, I would recommended this to anyone who has a secret love for literature about the moral decay of a society, and doesn't mind a bit of boring, translated, descriptions.
I like it so far, and will probably post more, especially if it keeps down the path is is going!!

I figure, if I keep this up, then I won't miss school so much. I can challenge myself to one book a month! Keeping it relaxed, but still providing motivation for what I love to do! :)

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