Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stress, sleep, health

So after a rough week of my upstairs neighbors trying to kill me by sleep deprivation, things are settling back to "normal." I get to sleep again :) for one thing. And I am trying my hardest to not let school stress get the best of me. The way I have to look at it is, I'm probably not going to grad school, so my GPA isn't that important. Before any of you think that I am just being a slacker, just note that I am simply allowing myself to be okay with B's this semester. I have to stop taking in every little criticism given to me by my professors and breaking it down into something worse. I'm a decent student, and I have to be okay with not being the best.
So I can breathe a little easier...
Now I need to tackle a couple of other issues. One, finding a job. Basically I just need to suck it up, stop worrying and apply to a list of places that I already have. And two, get healthy!
I am supposed to be at school doing homework right now. I have a huge gap between classes on Wednesdays, and they are my days to spend in the library.
But I just couldn't do that today. I feel like I am starting to get a migraine. Not a real migraine, but the fake ones that feel worse to me because it is actually caused by a pinched nerve in my neck. I gotta start doing my neck and back exercises on a more regular and frequent basis. (I have been slacking off a bit on those to get that extra twenty minutes of sleep)
I also need to eat healthier, and really just find a way to stop getting sick all the time.
That was actually brought up in my review at work. There was nearly a month and a half where I was constantly sick. I think I had pig flu then regular flu then bronchitis and then a cold. It was bad. And I missed a lot of work. Now I have a cold again. Not that bad, but its not getting better either. I am just sick of being sick.

Some really great news: Jonathan and I got this apartment that we really wanted! Well, it is actually a duplex. It is pretty old, like really old, and not the nicest fanciest place... but I think it is cute. This kitchen is hideous, but we are going to paint it :) Also, there is a garden outside! The people who planted the vegetable garden are going to be moving out in the spring, so then I can garden it! It is nearly twice the size of the place we are living now. Hard wood floors. And a bigger kitchen! I just can't wait!
As odd as it is, I think I may enjoy packing a little bit too. I will get a chance to go through all of my crap, and get rid of some of it. Also, I can organize what I need to. And just the thought of getting out of this place makes me smile!
I have found that the condition of the place that you live in affects your life way more than you realize. And also that it is much easier to keep a larger space clean (when there is a place for everything) and cleaning isn't so bad if you care about the place that you live in. I think that moving into a new, better apartment is a step in the right direction as far as stress and even overall health goes. Not to mention that I will most likely sleep better without two cows three dogs and a baby living directly above me.

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