Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend fun

Valentines day isn't really a big thing around our house. Jonathan doesn't like super commercialized holidays, and I don't mind. Most of the time I think that money can be better spent. But I really wanted flowers this year. Mostly because we had gorgeous roses at my work, and I saw all these cute, sweet 80 year old men buying them for their wives :) But there was also this bouquet of really pretty yellow, red, and black tipped roses that I really liked. So I bought them for myself. (guilt!) I think I made Jonathan feel a little bad. I have never gotten flowers on Vday before, and I may have made a little too big a deal of it in the past. But I don't really care what stuff he gets me. I kinda like that he doesn't spend money on frivolous things so that we can save to, say, get a bigger apartment. And, he may not be the really romantic type, but he is still the sweetest guy I have ever dated.
So, for valentines day, we didn't do anything really special. Sundays are our day to spend together anyway, so it was a normal sunday ( with dessert). We slept in. Went snowboarding. Made our weekly stop in at Trader Joes in our snowboard gear :) and then came home and made dinner and watched a movie. We did the same thing last sunday.
But I don't think that he knows how much I appreciate spending this time with him. We both love snowboarding, and I have more fun going with him than anyone else. This time spent with him is the highlight of my week.
Even though we live together, we don't get to spend much quality time together. Sundays are my ONLY days off. I have class and/or work the rest of the week. And it goes all day too. But just having this one day set aside, one day to kick back and have some fun with the guy I love, is so refreshing!
This was the best Valentines day ever! :)
Thanks honey!

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