Saturday, July 17, 2010


Summer weather is almost always just too dang hot for me. I really am a Minnesota gal who loves her snow! Jonathan and I keep saying we need to move farther north so we don't have to deal with these inferno-like summers.
It's not all bad though. I have realized just how much I love to garden this year! I still can't believe how lucky Jonathan and I are to be able to have this cute little house at so cheap! I LOVE having a yard. I even like doing yardwork. Although... I did break the lawn mower again :(
That thing just hates me! I look at it and it falls apart, I swear! But anyway, I pulled the starter string thinger, and it started (surprisingly!) and then the string thinger just flew out! It almost hit me in the face! Well, since it started, I figured I would still mow the lawn... maybe for the last time?
I don't know how to fix a freakin lawn mower!!!!
And I think my landlord has been a bit preoccupied... we asked him to come look at a dead tree that is in the MIDDLE of our backyard, because, well, we don't want it there anymore... but that hasn't happened yet. I mean, really, it's only been two months!
He is good about more urgent things though... like when the washing machine broke, it was fixed the next day... so I really shouldn't complain :)

I pulled up a TON of weeds from the garden today. I had let it go a bit since I was sick this past week... nothing serious, but a lot of sleep was needed.
AND! I have my baby yellow heirloom tomatoes!!! So excited to eat them! I'm going to make a salad later with them and Kale from my garden too!!
One of our good friends brought over some goodies for Jonathan and I after Jon did him a favor, and included were some herb plants :) Since I already have a lot in the garden, I decided to pot them and put them on the ledge by the window in the kitchen. They smell so good! We have spicy oregano, lavender, sage, and thyme :) All the basil is outside.
Funny story about that... and my eggplants-- Before we put the fence up, the rabbits had a feast on my basil and eggplants. They ate them right down to the ground! And so I, being new to gardening, bought new plants. I bought four more eggplants, and another lemon basil, and another regular basil. Well... they all grew back!!! Or mostly anyway. I now have FOUR basil plants, and SIX eggplants!!!!
I am going to making baba ganoush like a crazy woman once those eggplants start coming in!!! And as for the basil, I am trying to think of ways to use it in more things... I will dry some of it once I can use the oven without passing out again... but for now, tonight maybe some bruschetta with basil on top as well at tomato?? Or I'll start making more pizzas...
My favorite easy cheesy pizza to make:
Use a flatbread (I always use Naan because we have it in abundance in our freezer)
fresh mozzerella balls cut in half (sometimes I get the marinated ones... yum!!!) a bit of olive oil, one tomato, sliced, and some basil.
Toss it all on there, put it in the oven til the cheese is melty and delicious, then eat!!!!!

And... I just realized I am super hungry now!

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