Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why does everything I touch fall apart??!!

No really! What the heck?
The other day I broke the lawn mower... all I did was start it, and snap... broken.
Then at work... about fifteen minutes after I got there... CRASH

I knocked over a display of wine just behind where I was going to do the tasting! I only broke about ten bottles... which really was impressive considering the mess...
and of course it was ALL OVER ME! My pants and shoes and socks were SOAKED with wine all day. Thank God it was white wine!!!!!!!!!

Today, someone at work thought it would be a good idea to stick me in the demo station... basically the kitchen. I managed to not break anything of real value... just a pair of scissors, because, well, spilled cream EVERYWHERE really isn't breaking something, right?

I just don't know where I learned how to be so dang graceful. I mean, this is a pretty normal occurrence... along with hitting my head on anything available and frequently having the possibility of a concussion. I'm talented. Really.

Anyway, just some random ramblings for the time being... I'm not nearly tired enough to sleep. I've been having the weirdest sleep schedule lately. Last night I was up til like four or five just because I wasn't tired. Then of course I sleep til noon. I think it is my body's way of dealing with the warmth... my bedroom is the coolest room in the house til after noon.

So here is something random. I've been thinking A LOT about babies! BABIES!!! I know it will be awhile before we seriously consider having one... because, well, we have no money. And I am still young. Blah blah blah. All I can think about is BABIES!!! We have been seeing so many cute little pregnant women in our store lately. Or tiny newborn babies!!! They are just sooo dang cute!!!
But I know they are a lot of work... and maybe I'm not ready for that yet... but I can still daydream, can't I? :)

well, it's been random :)

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