Monday, July 12, 2010

Crepes, Mini Golf. Karate Kid.

I went to bed happy last night.
The three previous days at work had been great! They reminded me of why I like my job.
I was also really excited to wake up.
It may be incredibly dorky... It IS, actually... but I was excited for breakfast. :) I made crepes for the first time EVER! I haven't even eaten a crepe since I was younger and my mom would make them at the cabin every once in awhile... but they were my favorite!! Anyway, I had some left over buttermilk from the scones that I made earlier this week ( apparently I am feeling very courageous in the kitchen lately), and I couldn't think of a better way to use it up. I made my favorite kind too--cinnamon and sugar. They were only missing a little boysenberry sauce :) I also bought more coffee (finally!), and cream so that just added to the greatness of the morning. afternoon. OK, I slept in til noon! (Did I mention yet that today was fabulous?)
After a nice slow wakeup with delicious breakfast and coffee, I played in the garden for a little while, made salsa (using jalapenos from my garden!), and then cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I know this part doesn't sound all that fun... and please don't tell my boyfriend this... but it can be a bit therapeutic to clean the kitchen. :) Ok, well really only after making delicious food.
Jonathan and I ran a few errands, made some stir fry for a late lunch, and then went to the most AWESOME put put course in the world!!!
And, sadly, I forgot what it is called. I'll mention it in a later post, because you all have to go check it out, but I am nice and cozy in front of a fan right now... it was a bit of a drive, but it is essentially a sculpture garden turned into a mini golf course! And I don't even have pictures!!! It was really a cool place. The guy likes horses. He even has a few. Along with the goats, chickens, and of course a warthog! (He was my favorite!) It's really just a place that I could spend a whole day at without getting bored. Oh, and he also has an organic garden... farm? I don't know. There were A LOT of plants.
Anyway. It was super cool! I think I will have to take some other people there, and I cannot forget my camera next time!
So then Jonathan and I rented the Karate Kid. He had wanted to see the original one. I think that I had watched it once upon a time... but come on, the movie came out before I was born! I didn't remember it. It was pretty great to make fun of those AWESOME eighties outfits though! And it really isn't a bad movie! It will be interesting to see how it was remade... but I won't see that until it comes out... is it even still in theaters??? I really have no idea. Sometimes Jonathan is my only link to the world outside of my madness :) Not having a television really cuts back on my knoledge of current events and celbrity gossip... :)

Oh, and I also tried my first bottle of Amarone (wine made from dried grapes.. not quite raisins yet though, I think) and I really didn't like it. That's right. I didn't like a bottle of wine *Gasp! I didn't even drink said bottle of wine! *Gasp!
For real though. It was too bitter, or something. I actually thought it might have been corked, because it smelled kind of vinegary... but it didn't taste anything like vinegar. Just like grossness.
So I ate a tub of icecream instead! :)


  1. hahaha! you crack me up! I am so glad you had a good day! You deserve it!! :)) and I love that you ate ice cream instead!! :) too cute

  2. I have never made crepes but have always wanted to...might have to try one of these days. :) How fun to make salsa with things from your own garden...I can hardly wait to do the same! This mini-golf place sounds really cool...with an organic garden too! Glad you have had these great days! XX