Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New plan

I have been looking for jobs lately.  A lot.  And I have applied to many.  However, there are not THAT many out there within the field that I am looking.  I think I have already applied to all the development and grant writing jobs in the twin cities area... some even a bit outside the cities.
First step: expand my options.  What else would I be good at?  What else could lead to a position that I would like?  Where the heck do I apply?
Step one needs a little work... I know what I want to do (grant writing) but I don't know what the second option would be... and it literally could be just about anything! 
Step two: hit up all my contacts.  This one is already in process... but I am waiting til after the holidays to followup with most of them.  I know a few grant writers, a few people that work in nonprofits, and a few people that work for foundations.  At the very least, I would get more ideas of where to look for jobs, or what other types of jobs would make for good experience. 
Step three: Look in surrounding areas.  Most of the jobs that I really want, and, well, jobs in general, are in the cities... but there are a few in Duluth, or Rochester... and even though I don't really want to live in those areas, it would be temporary.

Now, these last few are my fall back plans... or secondary, if you will...
Step four: Look for jobs in other states.  The majority of nonprofit and foundation work is found in large cities... there are a lot in NY.  I will not live there.  I would not survive... but, I sure wouldn't mind living in San Francisco for awhile :)  and there are plenty of other cities that I would consider for a year or two.
Step Five: (I like this one) Move to Hawaii and work in my cousins restaurant if I can't find a job.
Step Six: (I like this one even more)  Go to Europe.  Backpack.  Work where and when I can.  Have fun.  Be poor... In Europe :)

Since my internship is now over, and I will only be working a maximum of five days a week now (instead of seven), my new 'job' is going to be job searching and applying.  I am going to make myself spend as much time doing that as I would working at the children's museum.  That's two days of work. ..  If I do that, I think that I will find a job. 
Also, to prevent myself from going crazy with boredom, I am going to start making clothes :)  My wonderful mother bought me a dress form for Christmas, and I can't wait to use it!
I know it probably sounds strange to think that I would be bored working five days a week and spending a lot of time looking for jobs... but the thing is, I got used to working my seven days a week... or even the six days with one fourteen hour day in there.  When I go from constantly doing everything to having nothing to do, I get a bit depressed.  It is easy for me to become lethargic, and get upset about being lazy.  I'm more likely to go out with friends and go climbing or snowboarding when I have to 'fit it in' somewhere in my week.  If I have everyday off... well, I don't know how that works.  It doesn't make sense, but it is just how I am.  I think I get it from my mom.  She is always doing a million things too.

I'm feeling a bit better today.  Not so pitiful.  Yesterday was just terrible because I woke up in a bad mood,and had a horrible day at work.  It's much easier to keep an even keel when I'm not in a bad mood. 

Happy New Year everyone!  This one is going to be a good one!!!!!!!

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