Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Already frustrated..

Today is my last day of actual classes for the semester. I have one more tonight where all I have to do is listen to presentations, since I already did mine. Then I have one more final, and a take home essay test to complete for next Tuesday. I actually didn't know what to do with myself between classes today! I have been so overwhelmingly busy for the past three months, that having nothing to do all of a sudden was almost a shock.
Well, I decided to try and be productive anyway. I looked for jobs! This started out somewhat entertaining... trying to figure out what my dream job would be...
But then I realized I don't have any idea what that would be! I really don't know what I want to do. This wasn't so disconcerting because I know that almost no one my age know what they really want to do. But then, I decided to look at attainable jobs... There were only one or two listed.
This is going to be harder than I think.

My degree qualifies me to be a secretary, basically. Not that being a secretary is a bad thing, I just would go crazy sitting in a desk and making coffee all day.
The only jobs in editing and publishing that are available are the really high up jobs. There were more job postings for VPs of companies than there were for copy editors.
So I looked at jobs in different fields that could still use and English nerd like myself. Those jobs require experience in each separate field. Ten years in advertising. Seven in sales. Five in aggressive negotiations... what the hell is that?!
I did find a few other options if I want to go to law school. Some of the companies even allow you to have less hours during the school year! How exciting... too bad I really have no interest in law.
So, looks like I may do a bit of freelance writing while working at good old Trader Joe's... And submit my resume EVERYWHERE so maybe SOMEONE will look at it and MAYBE give me and interview...
Everybody talk about how bad the economy is. Working at a grocery store, I somehow missed the memo. I have a great part-time job. And people gotta eat! Now that I am seeing that it may be awhile before I find a full time job that actually uses my literature skills and challenges me intellectually, I am extremely thankful that I have a job that gives me great health insurance! I am hanging on to this job as long as I can!

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