Sunday, December 6, 2009

End of the semester..

I am at the point in this semester where I am just done. I have a week and a half left of classes, and then only one final in the week following, unfortunately on the 22 of Dec. Then I am taking fun classes next semester. I am just so ready to graduate. But I am trying not to get too ahead of myself. Before I can really think of being done, I have a HUGE paper to finish. Not huge as in the length, but huge in the sense that my grade depends on it. And I am actually quite frightened to start writing it. I have done the research, written an outline (albeit brief), and thought about it way too much. However, on tiny, little, seemingly insignificant word that i found in reviewing the Dracula quotes, has discredited my entire essay. The word is 'round.'
The reason that this little word is so significant is because I am writing about the Gothic architecture that is found within Gothic literature... if the building has round arches, it is not Gothic. The pointed arch is the most basic of the elements of Gothic architecture. I had to change my thesis, and look at other elements to make this paper work, since it is too late to start over.
I am hoping my teacher won't notice...

I think that I may actually mention this issue in the essay. I may possibly suggest that regardless of the type of architecture found within the Gothic literature, they must contain only some of the elements of Gothic architecture. Somehow though, this seems rather flimsy. But I think that it will be okay. I am just so frustrated with this project that I am finding it extremely hard to start. But I promised myself that I would at least finish a first draft of it by the end of today.

While I am working on this frustrating project, I also have way too much homework for my old English class. Although, translating the poetry is finally making some sense to me. It only took weeks! And now we are translating 100 to 150 lines a night, and that in itself is overwhelming.

My tutoring job at the high school is also extremely hard right now. The school recently changed the process of teaching. Instead of the traditional classroom style class, we are now doing learning circles. The students work independently on specific projects. This is supposed to be beneficial to the students. They have more time to work if necessary, they can work at their own pace, and they can focus more on things that they are interested in. It sounds like a good idea. However, starting this in the middle of the school year is really hard on them. Especially because the teachers were not expecting it either. Basically it is one huge frustrating mess for everyone.
Well, I am helping out with an experimental classroom. We are trying to find ways to make this work, so the students have not had a steady curriculum. There is only one teacher for a classroom of thirty. Sometimes, he gets one tutor to help him out. But even with two people, it is nearly impossible to explain to the thirty students what they are supposed to do when it changes everyday. Not to mention that they have a million questions anyway. Friday, when I was there was very frustrating for me and the students. It is hard on them, and therefore hard on me. Also, I think that I want to stay there even after my class is over. But I don't know if that would be a smart idea. I am doing my senior thesis next semester, and there will be a lot of reading involved, in short I will be extremely busy. I don't know if I would be able to handle it. It is something I will think about over break...

It seems like when one thing happens, everything happens. Especially when you are in college. The end of each semester is a culmination of everything that you have learned over the past few months, and that includes things that were not even learned in school. It is just the way that the college student thinks and lives, I think.
Well, anyway, this is my catharsis for being overstressed and overworked. I am looking forward to a break. I am even looking forward to work!

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