Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trials and tribulations of the day.

I love snow. Ask any of my friends or family. I absolutely L.O.V.E. it! But today, I realized why some people don't...

This morning I woke up happy as can be expected at 8AM. Took a nice hot shower, got ready nice and early because I was expecting the roads to be bad, and I had a little bit of homework to finish up before my 10AM class. Heck, I even found a pair of clean socks (which is a hard task at my house)! I got all bundled up, broke out the actual winter jacket. I was prepared for the day. Hat, check. Mittens, check. Boots, check. Time to go!
As I step outside into the cold, I take a moment to appreciate how beautiful things are in the fresh powdery snow. And then... frumph! thigh deep in a snow bank! It was so windy last night, and the wind blew all the snow right into the front yard of my apartment. The stairs to get down to the street were no where to be seen! So I took a guess as to where to step, and guessed wrong. Turns out I wasn't as prepared for the weather as I had hoped, didn't know I would need a pair of snowshoes to get to the bus!
I shoved my way out of the bank, brushed myself off, and mentally prepared for the longest walk ever to the bus stop. The sidewalks had been shoveled, and even in a few spots it still looked like they had been! But the rest... a giant snow bank. The street wasn't plowed, and the cars were sliding dangerously all over it, so I chose the piled up sidewalk.
As I stumble up to the bus stop, I realize that the main road hasn't been plowed either. Oh gosh, this is gonna be fun, I think I'll be lucky if the bus actually comes on time.
Turns out I was lucky! Four buses showed up at the same time about a minute after I got there. I had my pick... and I chose wrong.
Have you ever been on the 16 in Minneapolis? The drivers are already super crazy! Now add a foot of drifted snow to the road, and its a recipe for disaster!
Well, today I had an even extra crazy driver. She was flippin insane! She would slam on the brakes for each stop, and throw open the door while the bus was still sliding and yell, "what you waitin for?! Get off!" She was angry. And spreading the anger.
Since I was distracted by the seemingly likely possibility of loosing my life, I didn't realize that I had forgotten to grab my book and homework for my first class until I was almost to school!

Sh**(long line of profanities...)

So I call Jonathan, and remember as I am listening to his voice mail that he is working on audio, and therefore has headphones on and won't be able to hear his phone.

SH** (another long line of profanities)

Just as I am thinking this, he calls me back. He picks me up on the side of the road with my book, and gives me a ride back to school :)

Just as I am walking to class, It dawns on me that I should have checked to make sure it wasn't canceled... Thank God it wasn't! That would have really made my day!

So, all in all, not really a bad way to start the morning, since everything worked out. But I understand why people don't like winter now... It can be hard, and dangerous. But I still love it! And now I am more excited than ever to go snowboarding!!!
Just hoping the rest of my day works out a little bit better than this ;)

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  1. Oh yes the fun of dealing with snow and cold...ugh! I am happy to have snow too but don't like it when it's sooo flippin cold. I thought of you when it snowed because I knew you were looking forward to snowboarding. :)

    I have been in horrible pain this week and have been trying to work on my family calender for the kids for Christmas...finally got it done and ordered last night and now today I get to stay home because both the kids got the stomach flu during the night last night...yuck! At least I can catch up on all the blogs I missed reading for the past week! XX