Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've decided that I don't like break...

Over my winter break this year, I have decided to work a lot. I need to make up for the one-day work weeks of the past few months... I enjoy my job, and I love seeing all the people that I work with. But I never get to see my boyfriend. If I work and evening shift, he is asleep by the time I wake up and gone to work by the time I get home. If I work a morning shift, he is still at work when I leave, and asleep when I get home. I haven't seen him since the day we came home from Christmas at my parents. This gets really frustrating, and is a horrible reminder of what summer was like, where we only saw each other one day a week. That is just sad, I mean, we live together! We should see each other more than that! Anyway, I know this is just temporary, but I really want things to change. I want Jonathan to have an atleast somewhat normal schedule, and I want to have a job with set hours. I want an apartment that is big enough so that I don't have to be super quiet when he is sleeping, or visa versa. Waiting for that day is just long and horrible.

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