Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Done with finals!! (Drinking Wine!)

Today was my last final! And it was ridiculous! Some of the questions were completely unnecessary, and we never even talked about them in class. Oh well, I still will probably get a decent grade in the class. Survey courses don't require a lot of thinking, just a lot of reading...
Anyway, I am really excited to go up north to see my parents for Christmas! Jonathan and I are going up really late tomorrow night. Him and I had a little mix up the other day... He was supposed to work Wednesday (overnight) and I had it off. Well, I thought that since I would have nothing to do, I should pick up a shift. And he thought that it would be nice to give away his shift. SO, now I am working til 11pm on Wednesday, and he is not working at all. It will work out just fine though, because we are both night owls, and will just drive up when I get off work.
Not to mention that we will have some kick ass music to listen to!
As a Christmas surprise this year, Jonathan took my car out today to "run errands." Well, his errand was putting a new stereo system in my car!! :) Now I can hook my Ipod up to it! It was completely unexpected! And sounds really good:)
Now, I am relaxing and enjoying a bottle of one of my favorite wines :) Awhile back, I bought like $100 worth of wine (which is a lot when you get it from Trader Joe's at a discount) and now I am really happy that I did, because I am too poor to go out or buy any sort of beer or wine. This is my last bottle of Bastardo though :(
For anyone who does not know, Trader Joe's has the best wine ever! This Bastardo de Nerelo that I am drinking right now is delicious, and cheap! It is basically a Nerello, but cannot technically be called so because of Italian wine laws... so they dropped an "l" and left off the government label and shipped it to America. The reason that it cannot be an actual Nerello is because only a certain amount of wine from a barrel may have the gov't labels, this wine is what is left. So this $7.99 bottle of wine is the same juice of a very nice $64.99 bottle... which one would you buy??
I would recommend this bottle to anyone! It is a great full-bodied red, just a hint oaky, perfectly dry, and not too heavy. Goes well with dark chocolate, or a good steak!
ok, I know I sound like an advertisement, but this is my favorite part of my job... telling people about the wine in our store. I've gotten pretty good at it too! Since I frequently get to do the wine tasting, my knowledge and tastes have developed into an almost snobbish quality, and I love it :)

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  1. You make me smile just reading this Kaitlyn! Here's to being done with school for awhile...here's to great wine and not having to do homework! Have fun at your mom and dad! Drive safe and enjoy the tunes. Love you! XX Lori