Friday, January 1, 2010

New years eve bash

This year for New Years I decided (early on in the day) to make it a somewhat low-key party. I decided to go to a friends house for "game night," where there would be a few other people... We played one game, and then proceeded to drink way too much. Well, I didn't drink to much. I stayed at a happy medium, where I wouldn't even think of driving, but I was also pretty coherent and had no possibility of getting sick.

Now, I am a college student, and have been for almost five years. I have had my fair share of stupid drunkenness. Even somewhat more recent stories, as much as I hate to admit it. Although the number of times that I have puked from drinking could be counted on my one hand, I sure made them memorable... I once even puked on one of my manager's cars... embarrassing! But I like to think that I have learned from my mistakes, and that I know my limit. I do not enjoy being that drunk, and frankly I am surprised that anyone would purposely get that drunk. This being said, I did not know what to make of some of the people at the party...

One of my friends wanted to drink. She has just worked an incredibly stressful three sixty to eighty hour work weeks... she is insane. But she wanted to blow off some steam. Understandable. She got a little carried away though, and I had to play mother hen for a large portion of the night trying to get her to go in the bathroom and clean up... she refused to move and continued to make a mess. Now, I love this girl, I really do. And most of the night she was apologetic about being sick. But then she started to say that it was just "getting even" for all the times that she has taken care of me. I know she was drunk and didn't mean it, but that hurt. And I also didn't feel like it was very true. Other than another embarrassing car-puke incident, she hasn't had to deal with me being crazy drunk since we were 18 and in our first semester of college. And that is what she compared this to. I don't think that friends should hold tabs on what they do for the other one. She apologized again in the morning, and didn't say anything about me deserving to have to take care of her, so I let it go. I don't think that she remembered, and I will just blow it off as a stupid drunk comment unless it comes up again.
The other crazy thing that happened was an extremely drunk man who kept trying to talk to me. The problem was, I could not understand what he was trying to say. And he could not understand what I was saying to him. I ignored him most of the night, and it wasn't a big deal. But when I went out to the porch to air out the puke smell that was on me from taking care of my friend, he was out there (so was another one of my friends, so I wasn't alone!) But he then commenced to try and pee off the porch, but had a bit of trouble, because he peed all over the deck and his feet. Oh, and he was hitting on me while he was doing this... at least, I think he was, but as I said nothing he was saying made any sense. He just kept asking if I had anyone "real" in my life. And I kept replying that all my friends and MY BOYFRIEND were "real," whatever that meant. Since he was standing nearest the door, I had to wait until he was done to go inside... seriously people. Control your drinking! After a while, he came inside and passed out in the doorway that I had to walk through to get to the bathroom where my friend was. He was a big guy, and hard to step over. Not fun.
So, out of all this comes a New Years resolution: I am never going to get so drunk that I pee on my feet.

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