Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I learned a new word today...

Closely related to polysemantic.
Polysemantic is lexical ambiguity. It is having multiple meaning of a word. Or something like that...
But Polysemiotic, as I read today, was used to describe the sequence of an ambiguous narrative. I guess that is almost the same as lexical ambiguity. Right?
Well, anyway, I like it.
It kind of plays out like life.
There are many different ways to read the story.
Each way may have a totally new meaning.
Each person who views it will see something completely different.
The order doesn't have to make sense.
It is confusing.
And only the person (or in the case of life, that would be God) who created it knows what it really means. Only that one person knows every little detail.

I also had tea and fairy cakes with a couple of adorable ladies who joined our art discussion tonight who came over from the other side of the pond... they attend an university near Bristol, and shared their current projects with fantastic accents and colloquialisms.
It kind of made me want to be British so that I could join in their "salons" and have important discussions over delicious earl gray and pink little sugary cakes.

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  1. lucky you! :)


    We can have sugar cakes! and talk...