Friday, March 19, 2010

Warning: this post is rambling complaints...

I am ridiculously exhausted physically. Mentally, I am off in my own little world where things don't have to make sense all the time.
Not the best sort of mood to be in during a work day.
I made it through, surprisingly.

So, Wednesday afternoon I went out with a bunch of friends for St. Patrick day. We went to O'Gara's in St. Paul. It was super fun for the first few hours, into the early evening...
We people watched, and had to make fun of the scandalously dresses girls that didn't even look 18, but were slammin down their shots paid for by old greasy men. (Why would you do that to yourself??) It was a gorgeous day, so we spent most of it outside... in clouds of smoke :( That was reason to feel sick number one. Number two was probably the sun, and it being really warm. I drank water, what I though would be enough, but it probably wasn't. We continued drinking beer and talking way to loud, and more and more people showed up as the day went on.
For lunch, which was actually when we got there, we had corned beef and cabbage. I am trying to incorporate more meat into my diet because I hate taking vitamins (and peeing neon yellow) and I have low B12 in my system from not eating enough meat. That being said, I at a delicious hamburger the night before, and was enjoying my very last meal (ever!) of corned beef and cabbage.
Lunch was great, but we stayed there for quite awhile, and I wanted to sober up a little bit more so I could actually enjoy the rest of my day. I didn't want to get hammered (even though it WAS St. Patties day) . SO I switched to just water, and about an hour after that I ate a corn dog... it was that or a regular hotdog available outside of O'Garas. It was a very. very. bad idea.
My boyfriend picked me up shortly after that. I didn't really even feel drunk. But after him and I went grocery shopping (around 7pm) I had to make him pull the car over to throw up that corn dog. Never eating one again. Made it the rest of the way home, trying to figure out if I was actually really drunk, or what the heck was going on...
Still felt sick when we got home, but made myself go to sleep, naively thinking tht I could sleep this off.
Jonathan works overnights, so when he left, I woke up. And I got sick again. This was probably around ten. And I proceeded to puke, almost constantly, until midnight. This is why I will never eat corned beef and (or) cabbage again. Hot dogs, and other questionable meat products are definitely out of the question (as they generally are, unless I am really, really hungry), and eating meat in general is going to be a tough ordeal. I already don't eat chicken because I have thrown it up more than once. I will also never smoke a cigarette or be around that much smoke again. --The next day, when the cable guy came, he smelled like an ash tray and I gagged when I opened the door for him...
I am even taking a break from beer.. Although that also has to do with the fact that I feel extremely weak and I think that even one drink would do me in right about now.
My stomach still hurts from heaving for hours. I know its gross, but I have just never been that sick before, and didn't know that a person could throw up that much, or continue dry heaving when there is absolutely nothing, not even bile, in your stomach anymore.
So, I didn't sleep much that night. I was scared, to be honest. I was burning up. Dripping with sweat. And freezing. I was dizzy. And I was shaking violently.
One of my uncles came over and slept on the couch so I wouldn't be alone. I had called my parents, and we weren't sure if I should go to the hospital or not, so they called my nearest aunt and uncle so I would be able to go if I needed to. Thank God I didn't. Really. Thank you.
I started to feel better after he got there, which was after midnight. I finally was able to stop dry heaving shortly after that.
But I couldn't sleep. Not really.
I was still burning up.
Still freezing.
My neck hurt like always. Well, actually worse than usual.
But I couldn't take anything for it because if I even took a sip of water, I would puke.
I was wide awake again by six. And I had to be up for the comcast guy at eight. So I just watched a movie.
I already had a doctor appointment scheduled for yesterday. Just a yearly checkup. But also to try and figure out why I keep almost passing out at work and school. (most likely just low blood sugar and nothing to worry about) My doctore decided to run just about every blood test available to rule out everything, so that we know it is not something more serious. And I got to do an EKG... oh doctor stuff. Anyway, they took my blood. Lots of it. And the nurse that did it, didn't really know what she was doing, so she missed once, and then pulled it out too soon the second time, so then she got someone else to come in and get the rest. They continued to use the same arm. And anyone who knows me knows how pale I am and how easily I bruise... today, I look like a junkie tht doesn't care where she shoots up.
It doesn't help that I have not eaten much in the last couple of days, and I think that I must be having a hard time replenishing blood cells, and I also think that I was pretty dang dehydrated after Wednesday night, and probably haven't yet made up for that, so I don't look so hot either. I look like I am either ill or on drugs.
I got a few weird looks today.

I have had this much blood drawn before. Actually many times before.
it seems that everytime I go to the doctor they think that I am anemic.
Last time I went, they decided that I am just pale.
But they seem to have changed back to the anemic way of thinking, even though all ten tests have proved to be of a perfectly healthy individual. (just missing a bit of B12)

But I have never felt this horrible afterward. It must be the combination of being sick and losing blood.
My arm is even still sore.
Well, all of me is sore actually. But the arm hurts the most.

I also feel ridiculously emotional. I almost started crying at work tonight because I couldn't lift a box of bananas, and tiny little Dulce had to do it.
Thats just weird.
I think I just need another good nights sleep, a gallon of water, and lots of veggies :)
(May just have to put off that meat eating thing for a little while)

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  1. Tough St. patricks day! I hope you are feeling better now.

    Lets get together soon!