Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sleeping in the living room

Jonathan and I are moving tomorrow. We are taking a giant leap two blocks down :)
The place it twice the size and it's a house, not an apartment complex. We can't wait!

In the meantime though, we are sleeping in the living room.
I can't believe how much stuff we have! I don't even know how we fit it into this tiny place...
The boxes we packed take up half the living room and the whole of the bedroom, even with the bed leaning up against the wall! Plus all the kitchen stuff is in boxes that cover the kitchen floor...
Oh man. We have too much stuff.
To be fair though, our apartment is tiny, and filling it up with boxes isn't really all that impressive.

When we moved into this place, I was convinced that there was no way we would fit everything that we had. Somehow we did. Somehow we made just enough room so that everything fit. I still am not sure how. It was cramped to be sure, but it was a little cozy.
To be honest, I hated this place. I still hate it. It is tiny, the neighbors are evil, and things go wrong all the time... things like the refrigerator breaking for a month. We were cramped together, and at times didn't get the space that we needed.
It was hard for a first apartment together.
But we made it. :)
Not only that, but I enjoy this random time that I get to spend with him sleeping on the too hard futon, even if our apartment is back up to ninety degrees.
I don't think I can quite describe it. But it reminds me of when we first moved in. When we didn't have a bed yet. When the bedroom looked exactly like it does now, and neither of us had time to unpack because our schedules were so crazy. When we took that big step of deciding to live together. Deciding to spend our lives together.
That is what makes me love this hell hole of an apartment.
Just him :)

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  1. :)))) I love this! I hope the move goes well! Lets get together asap!