Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More books

So, I made a few more books. Well, the first one I don't actually have yet. It was a class collaborative book. Really fun! The theme was becoming clear, and I decided to make my section a bit of a depressing opinion on consumerism...
However, a woman that I work with really liked the art that I did for it, So I made her a pretty card, which I do have pictures of!
So that is the card as it opens...

And I am not too sure how I felt about the roses... But I guess they turned out good enough. I had to make 18 copies of these flowers, so instead of trying to paint the same thing 18 times, I just photocopied it and cut it out. That may be why they look a little weird on here, but in person they look kinda neat.

This rose was my favorite, but I didn't think it fit
to put in a card...

So then, yesterday, I made two decorative books

They are both three signature bindings, which means that they have three separate folds of six sheets each... and three holes to stitch each on in separate. I really enjoyed making these ones!

My next endeavor is to make a sculptural artist book. Sculptural book? What the heck is that? you may want to know... but you will just have to wait... because I have absolutely no idea what I am going to make.

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