Monday, March 22, 2010

Sculptural books :)

My sculptural book project transformed a few different times during the process.

First, I wanted the overall theme to be something steampunk. Something that was functional. Something that incorporated some sort of flying steam craft or something, and mostly, something with just the overall style.

I wanted to use found books at the base for the project, and I wanted them to tie together the theme.

Turns out is it hard to find steampunk books that are cheap enough to tear apart.
But I did find some cool train books...

So I decided to alter my idea slightly into a sort of version of a pop up book.
and I made a train!

I kinda kept with the steampunk style by fashioni

And this is how it turned out.

The books were supposed to close, but the train is too big.

It's not totally done.
I have to display it for my class, and the sand and little things that I added don't look the best when glued in, so they will be added right before I display it.

So... I think I kinda like it :)


  1. The middle part is supposed to say that it is designed after an old steam train from one of the books, and the parts that I used to make it added to the "steam punk" style... kinda

  2. :) Already commented on fb, but these are FAB! :) you are so talented lady!