Friday, March 5, 2010

Interview anxiety

I finally have an interview!

It's just for an internship, not a full on job. But that is actually a good thing. I know that the publishing industry is incredibly hard to break into. And I have been on the verge of completely giving it up and looking in a new direction.
But then I got a call.
After tons of rejection e-mails (somehow less disappointing than rejection letters) the place that I wanted to work the most, right here in my own city (well, ok, the one next to it), is the one that calls me in for an interview!
I am thankful that it is an internship position that I am applying for, that it is paid (!), and that it is available for recent graduates. I think that the experience gained in an internship is absolutely necessary to get a full on job in this industry.
That being said, I really hope I get it!

It is not til Tuesday, but I am already preparing... and freaking out!
I have a massive to-do list. And first thing on it--buy new shoes! I have realized that for some reason I don't own a pair of black dress shoes. I never wear heels... and if I do they are funky crazy ones that are so not appropriate for the work place, let alone a Christian company.
I also need a white button up blouse. The suit, I have, thanks to my sister's wonderful Christmas present!
But most importantly (well maybe not most), I need a hair cut! I look like a dirty hippie right now! Seriously.
At my work meeting last night, a few people laughed at the thought of seeing me in a suit! It also added to the humor that I was wearing holy jeans with a thick woven sweater that is generally associated with pot smoking hippies, and my hair all amess because I had been reading Middlemarch all day, and didn't care about my appearance. I like to be comfy :)
At least I got rid of the dreadlocks!

So another thing that I have to do that I am really nervous about is make my portfolio. I have to actually put together my collection of articles in a presentable way.
Does anyone know how I should do this?? Do I cut out the newspaper stories? or just print out the stories? Also, should I include any other writing/editing samples? This is a position for editing, not writing, so I am not sure if I even need all this.
I'm a bit crazy with all of this!
Luckily, my sister is going to do some mock interviews with me. She is in HR so she gets a kick out of doing stuff like this, while I agonize over it. Really thankful that we are opposites! I think I would be lost without her pushing me along, and answering all of my questions about what the heck I am supposed to do!
I don't think this could have happened at a worse time either (unless it didn't happen at all). Because I have midterms next week. And, well, I am an English major. I am not used to having midterms. I am used to writing papers. Papers papers papers. But now, since I only have one English course, I have midterms. And I have to try this crazy new thing called "studying." Wish me luck!

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  1. You'll do great kait! :) I am sending you big hugs, lots of prayers, and lots of luck!!!!