Sunday, January 17, 2010

Michigan and coming home...

I spent this past week in Michigan with my boyfriend and his parents. This was my first time meeting them, and I had about twelve hours in the car on the way there to worry about what they would think of me. Well, those fears were quelled, and I think that they liked me, at least they told Jonathan that they approved :) They are very nice, and it was interesting to see where my boyfriend grew up.
We stopped on the way there for a fun filled day of snowboarding in the northern part of lower MI, Nubs Nob. It was so much fun! Since it was a Monday, there were very few people there, so it seemed like we had the whole place to ourselves. Also (this was our favorite part)they had a mini boarder cross run set up! We went down that run like twenty time :) The weather was great for the majority of the day, and we had fresh snow falling all morning. It started to get really windy and gross just when we left.
We mostly just relaxed at his parents house. Watched movies, read books, and ate way too much food! There was so much food. I think we both gained ten pounds! But it was delicious. I got the grand tour of Saginaw township, which is a very nice suburb-like area. Lots of restaurants. And then of the city. Part of the city was kinda nice. He took me to his favorite coffee shop where he spent most of his free time as a teenager, and we walked around and looked at some cool graffiti. But just across the river, the city was really sad and poor. Almost half the houses we drove by in one area had windows broken, or just not even there, and people were still living in them. I understand now why Jonathan always says that Minnesota doesn't have any really bad parts. I think Michigan got hit pretty hard with the economic crisis.
We also went to Frankenmuth, a really cute German town that has the largest Christmas store ever, Bronners. It was scary. But I kinda liked it.
The rest of the time was just spent playing games and chatting with the fam. Overall it was a nice relaxing week.
Oh, except for the explosions on the way there. So, we drove through the UP on a Sunday. Bad idea. We got a flat tire... we ours basically exploded, there would be no repairing it. But luckily we got to a gas station right away. We put a spare on, but there was no way that we could make it to the next town with just a spare... and no tire shops were open. It was actually kinda funny to talk to the yooppers :) Whenever we asked where the nearest tire shop or anything was they just said, "well, ya ain't gonna find anything on a Sunday" or "that car of yurs shur has small tires. don't know if steve would even have un that small" or simply "not fur that car" (I don't have an American car)
But they were super nice and after like an hour of calling people that we didn't know we finally got a tire put on... and it only took him like five minutes to do it.
Well, we got to the hotel without anymore problems. But while Jonathan was in the shower, he kept hearing a POP POP. I thought he was dropping something, and he thought I was making the noise. But after awhile he yelled for me to come in there. It didn't take us long to figure out what was making the noise... Sparks, or I should say flames, came shooting out of the ceiling vent! We had to shut the light off to get it to stop. So, then we got to switch rooms and wait for the heat in the next room to turn on, since the heat in the actual hotel was not on.
The drive home was much less eventful. But we then walked into our ninety (I'm not exaggerating) degree apartment... It is awful! But hopefully that will get taken care of in the next couple days...

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