Thursday, January 7, 2010


When I really need to clear my head, nothing works better than being on the top of the world, completely alone in the snow. Ok, well not completely alone, but alone in my mind. Unfortunately we don't have mountains here in good ol MN, and nothing can compare to being on the top of a mountain. For some reason, when I am on the slopes, by head is so level, I am so clear minded and calm. I don't get it because it is also a huge adrenaline rush.
I have always loved the snow. And the cold. I do not do well with summers anymore. When I was younger, I loved them as much as I loved winter. But now, they are just a few really uncomfortable months. Winter, on the other hand, is when I get to wear my sweaters and cute boots. I get to layer the comfy clothes on. And the snow. The snow is just cleansing. After the beautiful colors of the fall fade away and leave the cities looking bland and dirty, nothing but dust, the snow covers everything in a thick white blanket. It makes all the trees sparkle.
Nothing is more beautiful to me than a snow covered mountain.

Lately, my apartment has been around eighty degrees. Not fun. As I said, I don't deal well with heat. Last night, all but one of my windows were frozen shut. I didn't have the heat on. I was wearing just a tanktop and underwear. And I couldn't sleep at all because I was too warm. I pulled out some icepacks, and tried taking a cold shower, but I still could just not sleep because it was way to warm.
I actually ended up calling in sick to work today because I hadn't slept, and felt really dizzy. I was probably dehydrated. I felt bad, because I don't really think that I am sick, but I just would not have been able to function. It was just a short shift anyway. But now, I have only really slept one and a half nights out of the last four. I blame it on wicked early shifts and my crappy apartment.
As I am writing this, there is literally snow blowing in from my one open window... it feels really nice!

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  1. Oh dear lord, I would be miserable too. I would hate it that hot in my home. Yuck. I still sleep with a fan and when I get hot flashes I'm about ready to go outside into the fricken deep freeze and we have our temp set at 68..:) I would flip out at 80! Hope you've gotten some sleep. Did you see Jennessa's snow boarding pictures from Christmas time? They are gorgeous! XX