Friday, January 29, 2010

Okay for today

I slept last night. Really well. I haven't done that for a little while. Since Jonathan and I went on vacation, he has only been working three nights a week. So now I get to have him home at night for most of the week. I really like that! I hate being home alone at night. I constantly worry. Did I lock the door? Did I close that window? Did I lock the window? Then I get up and check everything. Twice.
But I got used to it. He has worked overnights for the last year, and I did just fine at home alone. But now that he is home more nights, I am getting used to him sleeping next to me. I had forgotten how nice that is. Now it is hard to fall asleep when he is not there, again.
But last night, he was gone, and I was still able to get some good rest. In fact, I didn't even want to get up! It was so cozy in there.
Oddly enough, I am still pretty tired. But I don't feel so exhausted and unbalanced as I have been feeling for the last few days.
Sometimes all I need is a good nights rest.

My art projects are helping as well. Even though I am forcing it, creativity is coming back into my life, and I find that it is just the outlet that I needed. Right now I am only doing basic stuff, but I am thinking creatively. And that helps...

I'm pretty excited about my first book project. It is supposed to be somewhat abstract with a basic type of binding used in a unique way. And we are only supposed to use found or recycled materials. I will post a picture of it when it is done, but mine will be and accordion fold using cigarette packages and beer coaster covers. Then I will have tabs of match booklets that come out. Each of them will open up and there will be something on the inside cover. Most likely the general surgeon warnings.
This idea stemmed from my friends car... which is where I got the majority of the materials.
I think she thought I was crazy for taking all of her empty cigarette packs... but hopefully it turns out how I want.

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